New things on the horizon!

Well its an exciting start for 2021 as we are trying to prepare new items for release.
They aren’t ready just yet, but we do have several items being tested out or in the late design stages.

Some things to keep your eye out for:

  • Quick dry t-shirts that are perfect for training.
  • Activewear quick drying shorts coming soon for men, women, and juniors!
  • Black sweat shorts coming soon for men.
  • Shorts for women on their way.
  • Singlets for men, women, and juniors should be out soon, just some more design elements to complete.
  • Socks will hopefully be on their way soon, but are still in the early design & manufacture process.

We have even more things in the works, but keep in mind we need your support to be able to keep expanding our range. So keep tagging your friends who might want to show their support for their gym codes by wearing our range!