Stock Quantity

How come we have low stock numbers you might ask?

Well, here’s why!

We are a relatively new business, which means the more stock we hold the more money we need to spend which we don’t get back until an item sells.
By keeping low stock numbers we can expand our product range to give you more options to choose from.

But isn’t low stock a problem when we need to restock?

Good question! It really isn’t. We try to use New Zealand manufacturers which means that we can get new stock shipped to us relatively fast if we ever sell out. If there are some items that we know our manufacturers don’t have much left, then we go ahead and buy more to make sure we don’t sell out.

Of course there will still be times when we do sell out and are then waiting on our manufacturers to make more, but thankfully so far thats not been an issue.

Go ahead an support us! The more we sell the more stock we can start to keep.