Gymnastics bar straps, to be used for training or competing skills on a metal bar.

Straps are also required for MAG levels 1-3 in NZ competitions.

These straps feature our AcroWear logo, the straps size, & a space to write your name.

  • All straps are sold in pairs
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Strong nylon webbing
  • Colour: Yellow

Check out this short video showing what technique we recommend using for safest use.


Please check out warnings and safety information below.

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HOW TO SIZE: There is no specific way to measure your loops as sizes can vary depending on techniques and wrist bands used etc.
Please ask your coach to size you up at training & let us know the size of the loops required if not currently listed.

(length of strap when placed flat)

Important : If your loops show any signs of damage, discontinue using immediately & replace them.

WARNING & DISCLAIMER – Straps should be replaced every 12 months.

As is the case with all gymnastics equipment, improper use of any equipment which has become standard in gymnastics has the potential to result in catastrophic injury or even death. Training straps are not intended for the use by advanced athletes & should not be used by anyone other than yourself. Please check with your coach for the proper sizing.
We cannot be held liable for injuries or accidents resulting from however these straps are used once purchased.

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